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Fuslie (Leslie Fu) Inspired OoaK Crochet Companion

Fuslie (Leslie Fu) Inspired OoaK Crochet Companion

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Fuslie (Leslie Fu) is approximately 9.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. She’s one of a kind, and took approximately 12 hours to make.

Please note that this doll can’t stand on its own without a doll stand and needs to lean against something for stability.

About the Artist: My name is Sam, and I've been crocheting for 7+ years. I genuinely get so excited each time I receive an order. It's the best feeling in the world to know that you enjoy my art and will treasure what I create. I put love into each stitch, and a little bit of magic. I used every sale to work towards getting debt free, if I'm not using the funds for everyday expenses. Thanks so much for your interest, and taking the time to look! 

Pattern Design: KnotSorcery

I designed this doll myself. As of now, no pattern is available.

Materials: Acrylic Yarn, Poly-fil Stuffing, and Safety Eyes.

Warning: Choking Hazard: This handmade item is made with plastic safety eyes. Inspect for damage and loose parts before each use. Use only with adult supervision. May not be suitable for children under 3.  

Cleaning Instructions: Leslie can be machine washed if tied inside a pillow case/delicates bag on a hot, gentle cycle. She must be allowed to air dry. Washing may cause slight pilling of the yarn, so it is suggested to only spot clean if possible.

Additional Info: 100% handmade in a smoke free environment. Because all items are handmade and made to order, yours may vary slightly from the picture. 

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